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Tape Release: People who Profess ‘All Die Be Die’ are Bad, Be careful of them - Pastor Otabil

A tape release suspected to bear the voice of Pastor Mensah Otabil, founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), is describing people who profess “all die be die” to be bad company.

Inferences from the tape suggests that the pastor made the statement during a church service and is  warning church members and believers of Christ Jesus  (Christians) to be careful of persons who make such utterances because they could be dangerous.

Below is a Transcription of Excerpts from the Tape:

…They believe that the action is good by itself because after all, all die be die.

For those of you who are not familiar with Pidgin English that means all death is death.

All die be die. After all six feet at last. After all we will die and leave here.

People who talk like that are bad company.

Oh yes! (Roaring laughter amidst thunderous clapping of hands from congregation)

People who talk like that, the Bible says, they say;  ‘let’s eat and drink for tomorrow we die.’

And it says for such people, be careful of them because bad company will destroy all the good habits you have…

Late October

Barely a month ago, there was a tape release which carried the voice of the same Pastor who was educating members of his congregation about the danger of endorsing free education.

This was condemned by individuals and some political parties. It also generated serious controversy in sections of the public.

However, a statement from the Church (ICGC) says that the voice on the said tape was pieced together from a series of teachings of Pastor Mensah Otabil which was meant to implicate the pastor. It also stated that the Pastor is not against any politicians in the country.

By:Richard Fiebor/www.myradiogoldlive.com